September 28, 2014


I am in Halifax visiting my daughter! I surprised her real good!  I just booked it a week ago. Lily's birthday is October 1 and the closer it got the sadder I became at the thought of not being here. I had enough Air Miles so with that, it only cost $130. When I get a job I will likely not get vacation time for a year so I did it. I arranged it with Matt. He picked me up at the airport on Friday morning at 10:00am and took me to their apartment. Sarah works til 2:00 then walks to the school to pick up Emma at 2;30 and then Lily is done at 3:00. I stayed behind Sarah. Then when Emma came out she saw me and yelled "Nana" and came running to me. Sarah turned around and saw me. It was great! 

I have a small video clip but it appears I can only insert photos on the phone.