July 31, 2013

Next Steps, Grandkids and Hip Hop Abs!

I have finished the Whole 30, with great results, but the question remains..."What next?".  I like structure.  When I knew what I could and could not eat, it was relatively easy, except when things were busy and I couldn't just grab something on the run.  Hard boiled eggs are a must to have on hand.  My planning has to improve.  Now that we are officially done the 30 days, I am feeling a little lax.  I've been ok, but it would be SO easy to slip back into old habits.  Emma was having some Corn Bran cereal for a snack, and I shoved a small handful into my mouth.  I had sweet potato fries the other day, which technically are ok, but the deep fried is not so good.  I also think I ate too many of them.  So, I think it will be best just to continue on with the Whole 30 guidelines until I can do a bit more reading up on the next steps.

That will probably take a couple weeks, as it is kind of crazy, but good crazy, around here, with a houseful.  It has been so wonderful having Sarah and the girls here.  It is going to be very hard when they have to go home on August 11.  We also have William here this week and things are a little bit louder and more active with him. 

Last night, I thought William was having a nightmare.  When I went in the room, he was crying that he couldn't sleep because Emma was snoring so loud!  She does snore quite loudly.  I told Sarah that she should have her checked.  Maybe it is large tonsils or adenoids, or whatever it is back in that area.

The kids have been having a ball in the pool.  That was 40 bucks well spent; and the patio is an ever changing artist's palette.


Sarah and I did a Hip Hop Abs workout today.  I had seen the tail end of an infomercial that said it was on sale for only $19.95, so I checked out the website and decided to order it.  Sarah ordered one, too, because you could get a second one for free shipping.  It seems like it will be fun, once I get the routine coordinated.  Even the old Richard Simmons tapes took a few times to get down.  I do need to start moving again.  I want to get back to running.  My left leg keeps going tingly.  I have had some massage therapy and am going back again next week.  I know I can run through it.  It is not a constant tingling, but comes and goes.  My leg, calf, hip, glute, hamstrings are all really tight and knotted. 

So much for my ramblings.  Time for bed!

July 25, 2013

Whole 30 Results

Well, we have finished the Whole 30  program.  It really wasn't that hard.  I knew from doing the Atkins diet years ago, that when you cut out the carbs, you don't get the carb cravings.

We have been busy all week, so did our weigh-in and measurements today, which was actually Day 31.  *DRUM ROLL*

I am down 21.2 lbs and a total of 11 3/4"!!!

Neck:  - 1/4"
Chest: - 2"
Waist: - 1"
Hips: - 4"
Arm:  Left: - 1/4"    Right: no change
Thigh:  Left: - 2 1/4"    Right: - 2"
Calf:  Left: - 1/4"    Right: - 3/4"

I am almost totally off my insulin!  At the beginning of the year, I was taking 60 units every evening.  When we started the Whole 30, I was at 30 units and am now down to 5 units.  I will do that for one more day, and if my readings are still good, I will be able to stop!!

Jim is down 18.3 lbs and 10"!

It is still going well, although I have felt a little "off" occasionally...like my blood sugar is low, but then it turns out it isn't.  Also, there have been times that I have had hardly any carbs, but my sugar keeps going up.  I am thinking that maybe I am not eating enough, so I am going to try to track calories and total carbs to see if that helps.

Last night, Sarah and I took Lily and Emma to the drive-in to see Despicable Me 2.  It is a great movie.  I was so glad that I decided to wear jeans and bring along a sweatshirt, because we FROZE!  The temperature went down to 15 degrees.  They were cozy in the back of the car with their blankets and pillows.

Today, we enjoyed breakfast on the patio, and they helped water the garden. 

I am SO tired.  I have been staying up too late in the evenings.  Time to get to bed. 

Good night!

July 23, 2013

Nana Heaven!

So this was the weekend I have been waiting for!  Sarah, Matt and the girls were to arrive on Saturday.  I was expecting them early evening, but not long after lunch, we were downstairs, about to set up the portable bed, when we heard the doorbell ring.  "It can't be them already!"  So we went upstairs, expecting someone pushing hot water heaters or a kid selling chocolate bars, but it was Lily and Emma!!!  OMG!!!  I scooped them up and the tears came!  Oh, how I have missed them. 

Enjoying a cool treat, while Mommy vacuums the car.

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday.  Matt cooked chicken on the BBQ.  He made some with bottled BBQ sauce and some with our homemade paleo BBQ sauce.  They also had baked potatoes and corn on the cob.  Jim & I had roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and onions.  Also, a nice salad.  Delicious!

After dinner, we went down to Port Dalhousie, on Lake Ontario, just around the corner from us, for Sarah's birthday ride on the antique carousel.  It has always been, and always will be, 5 cents a ride.

We caved and had a treat.  It was Day 28 of our Whole 30 program.  We figured a full 4 weeks was great, so we weighed in and had a small piece of  DQ ice cream cake.  We are going to do our measurements tonight, so I will post our results then. 

Well, time to go enjoy my granddaughters!

Have a great day!