November 23, 2013

Beating Down Those Voices!

It was a tough run this morning.  The temperature itself wasn't bad, except when the wind picked up.  Part of the run was protected, and I actually had to remove my gloves, but it was pretty cold on the last leg home. 

My left leg was a little tight, but I knew that before I headed out.  I'm glad I have a massage booked for Wednesday.  The hardest part was wrestling with the negative voices in my head.  It's true that running is mostly a mental game, and the voices were trying to pull me down for almost the whole run.  They were telling me, "It's too cold.  You don't want to be out here.  You can't run through the winter, just do it on the treadmill."  Then, on the way back, "This leg is getting tighter...maybe you should stop and walk the rest of the way.  You'll never make it all the way back.  Forget about the idea of a half marathon".

And so it went.  The whole way, I was telling them to shut up!  I AM a runner.  Even if *I* decide to take walk breaks, it will be because I want to include them in my training, NOT because I am giving up!  A lot of people use the run/walk method.  I have a book written by a woman from Oakville, who lost over 100 pounds and qualified for Boston doing a run/walk program. 

The last kilometre was a case of picking something and running to it, like the next driveway, the next lamp post or tree.  When the 35 minutes were up, we were about halfway across the bridge that goes over the highway.  I said to Jim that I was going to run to the end of the bridge.  It wasn't very much further, but it was like a final kick in the butt to those voices!

I WON!!!! 

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