November 30, 2013

Runners' Edge Mock 5k

Today was the end of the fall clinics at Runners' Edge , our local running store.  I got to sleep in a little, since our usual Saturday runs are at 8:00am.  Registration was at 9:00am.  I thought my bib number was pretty cool.

We started a warm-up at 9:30, and the race was at 10:00.  Part of the warm-up was to run around the plaza where the store is located.  It wasn't very far, but I walked about half of it, not because I was tired, but because I wanted to save my legs for the run!

After the warm-up, we walked to the plaza across the road to start.  We ran behind the stores, then a loop back to the store.  The first part of the run was pretty cold, with a bit of a wind in our faces, but it was much better when we made a turn.  Then, it was beautiful.  I even had to take off my gloves and push up my sleeves.  The last stretch had a bit of wind again, but it was bearable.  My IT band was giving me a little grief, and I had to stop to stretch with about 1.5k to go.  At first, the stretch seemed to make it feel worse.  I had to really focus to keep pushing through, but I did it! My time was 49:24, which was about what I expected. 

So, what's next?  I need to keep going to the weekly runs through the winter, as much as possible.  We need to get the treadmill set up again for the days when the weather is too bad.  I'm afraid I am not a hardy as Jim, but then again, I just might surprise myself!  I really should set some goals for the new year. 

We have not used any of our chiropractor coverage this year, so I think I should make an appointment to get this leg taken care of.  I have a couple more massages this year, but with $500 available for chiropractor, I could afford to even go a couple times a week if I need to.

Lily's quilt is just about finished.  All I need to do is put the binding around the edge.  If I have time, I may go back and do a bit more detail on the quilting, but it would also be fine with the amount I have done.

Pub Run tonight!  And turkey dinner at our friends Dawn & Joe's tomorrow!  MMMmmm!!  :)

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