December 9, 2013

Frustrated and Weigh In

This leg is driving me crazy!  It's not extremely painful, but when I try to run, it hurts enough to make me limp and before long, the pain goes right down to my ankle.  I went out Saturday morning to the group run.  The washroom lineup made me miss the warm up, so Jim & I  just walked a little further than the others at the beginning and did a few stretches while we were walking.  We ended up only running for one minute, but continued walking up to the corner before turning around, so we did get in just over 2 km.  I'm not too concerned yet, but if I am going to do the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon on June 1, training will need to start shortly into the new year.

I saw this on Facebook today.  It was posted by From Fat to Finish Line - the documentary .  It is about 12 strangers who lost at least 100 lbs each and got together a team to run a Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West in 2 days.  They are making a movie about it.  There are very inspiring stories...check it out.

I think this is very important and something I need to remind myself of.  I think I should will print this up and post it on my fridge! 

Eating was not great on the weekend.  We put up the Christmas tree yesterday, so I sent our oldest daughter Hillary a text to see if she and William would like to come and help.  They did, and brought some of their homemade gingerbread cookies. 

William had fun helping with the Nativity set as well!
Jim had also brought me home a coconut butter tart from the market.  I like it that they sell them individually wrapped, so I can buy just one occasionally.  I shared it with Hillary.  It would be very bad if I brought home a package of 6!  Dinner ended up being takeout pizza and wings, although it was only 20 wings for 5 people, and I had 2 pieces of pizza, so again, it could have been worse.  We finished it off with Candy Cane Fudge Crackle ice cream. 

I have just been kind of "winging it" with my eating lately, and I am back to maintaining up and down with about 5 lbs.

That reminds me...I guess I need to report on my Monday Weigh In.  (I just tacked that on to my post title!)  I was 233.2 this morning.  UGH!  I need to get back to tracking my food and keeping track of my calories and carbs to get my sugars back down.  They haven't been great either.

I was mentioned in a blog!  A while back, Shelley at My Journey to Fit wrote a post about being visible when running at night.  I passed on a link to a Canadian company that sells iron on reflective designs.  Shelley tried them and wrote a review on them today!  You should check out her blog.  I love it.  It is one of the blogs I make sure to read if I miss a few days and get behind.        


  1. Take care of your leg. Hope it feels better soon. I am so impressed that you are contemplating a half marathon. Right now I have trouble even thinking of 5k!

    1. Thanks Katrin. I will talk to the coach at the running store. I walked a 10-miler, and a half is only 5k more, so I know I can do a half, it's just a question of when.

      In 2009, I did my first 10k. I had completed the beginner's clinic in fall 2008, didn't do much in December, and started Hal Higdon's 5k 8-week novice program. I did the 5k at Around the Bay, then followed Higdon's novice 10k plan (again 8 weeks) and did my 10k in Ottawa, at the end of May. I did it in 1:32:33, but it was really tough, especially the last 3k (granted, it was a really hot day).

      So, I could probably complete a half June 1, but I want to be able to feel strong, not crawl across the finish line. I need to remember that I am over 50 and pretty much still 100 lbs or so overweight.

  2. Do you think you might be suffering from peroneal tendonitis?

  3. Sharon...I had to look that one up! I don't think so. It is mostly stemming from my butt and down the leg. From doing a bit of searching, it sounds like Piriformis Syndrome. I found some stretching/strengthening exercises. I guess the key will be to be diligent in doing them. I have had massage and seen chiropractor. Jim also has coverage for Physiotherapist, so I may also give that a try.