December 6, 2013

Happy to be Obese?

I was reading Shannon's blog over at Tatlock's Truth.  She posted a picture of her BMI results, which now classify her weight as "normal".  Woohoo!!  Congratulations Shannon. 

That got me to thinking about my own BMI.  I haven't calculated it in a while, so I went to an online calculator and punched in my numbers.  The result showed a BMI of 39.5!  I know that's really high, but it just brings me into the category of "obese" and that makes me happy!

You see, at my highest weight of 323 (and at 5' 4"), my BMI was 55.4...SUPER morbidly obese!  I lost a bunch and gained some back.  Back at the end of June, when we started our Whole 30, I was 257, which is a BMI of 44.1, or morbidly obese.  So, now, to be just obese is my next step towards better health.  I just need to keep moving forward towards being simply overweight, and then eventually slow step at a time!

I am planning to run in the morning with the group.  I saw the chiropractor today and will do a bit more stretching and foam rolling tonight.  I am hoping for 30 - 40 minutes, but after last night, even 20 minutes would be good and better than nothing. 


  1. Thanks Janice!!!! I've been borderline obese or overweight for so long. It's pretty amazing to be in the "normal" range. You're right, it happens little by little. As I look back over my progress, I see that small weight losses have added up over time to big numbers. It's just about stay dedicated, making mistakes and moving forward.

    So looking forward to cheering you on through your successes!!!

  2. Thanks for your support Shannon! I really enjoy your blog. I am getting better at not dwelling on mistakes and moving on. Otherwise, the mistake grows into a bigger mistake. I see that you have had some bad weather out your way this week. Stay safe.