January 18, 2014

Yayyyy!! (And a bit of self-talk)

Jim spoke with Ticket King the other night, and they said they would exchange our Les Miz tickets for another day!  Hillary had to do the exchange, as she was the one who originally bought them.  So, we are going this Wednesday afternoon.  I can't wait!   

I'm still feeling kind of discouraged.  Part of it is that I am a little OCD, but in the all-or-nothing kind of way.  If it can't be done perfectly, it doesn't get done!

One minute I am all gung-ho to go completely paleo again, then it's maybe just gluten-free, or maybe just track carbs and calories.  WHATEVER!!  Just do it!

One minute I think, yes, I can do a half-marathon in June, the next, no, that is not realistic, wait until October.  Meanwhile, I am doing nothing, nada, not even a 'Walk Away the Pounds' DVD.  And then, if/when I do decide to do a half, I will struggle with trying to run the whole thing or run/walk, and look at a gazillion different training plans.  WHATEVER!!  Just got off my arse and move!  It has to start with the first step!

I have been unemployed since March 31 last year.  It wasn't all bad.  I was getting restless in my job and occasionally checking out the job bank.  It was good that I didn't have to work while Sarah and the girls were here, or while we were getting my mom's house sold and her moved into the retirement home.  But now, it is time to get going on the job front.  I should qualify for the Second Career program and be able to go back to school.  I just want to be sure about what I want to do.  And maybe just a little bit of fear.

So, there is my rant.  Actually, that kind of helped!  No one can make my choices for me, and no one can make me get moving.  I need to forget about the number on the scale (for the most part, anyway).  At least not let that be the focus.  I am coming up on 16 years since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and complications are going to start happening if I am not careful.

I'm off to switch over the laundry and then finish off putting away the Christmas decorations.  Then...not sure yet.  Have a great weekend! 

January 15, 2014

SO Disappointed! :(

I've been battling with depression this week.  Well, probably since we came back from Halifax, but it was mostly just lack of motivation to do anything.  Hence, I haven't done any blogging or even blog reading.

The last several days, though, it has been actually being on the verge of tears most of the time.  Perhaps I am just missing Sarah and the girls.

Anyway, that, along with lingering hip/IT problems, I haven't done any running.

So, my disappointment...

For my birthday gift and Jim's and my Christmas gift, the kids went together and got us tickets to see Les Miserables in Toronto on Wednesday, January 29 (the afternoon matinee).  They also gave us money for the GO train from Burlington and a gift card for dinner. 

Jim put in for a vacation day from work...shouldn't be a problem.  And it wouldn't have been, BUT there is this four-day training on the CNC machine that he has to take.  He has to go to Cambridge every day, but that is not a real big deal.  The training was supposed to be in September, but it was cancelled, since he was the only person signed up.  They tried again in November but again, he was the only one signed up.  It was beginning to look like the company would have to send someone down here to give him a one-on-one training.

But NOOOOO...the next training is the last week of January.  I was talking to Jim at lunch time today (he calls me every day at noon, just to say Hi), and OF COURSE there are 8 or 9 people registered, so the training is a go!

I am SO upset!  I was really looking forward to this.  I love that musical.  I saw it twice when it played in Toronto about 25 years ago and loved the movie.  But more so, I was just looking forward to a nice day with Jim.  There is no refund or exchange on tickets, so I'm not sure what we will do.  Probably see if Hillary or Josh wants to use them.  I don't want to think about it right now.

I also have to get some research together about schools.  I have been unemployed since March 31 last year and my EI will be running out on March 29.  I am thinking of going back to school, if I can get funding from Second Career.  I am thinking payroll accounting.  I need to get information from 3 schools; and I have an appointment next Wednesday with the employment counsellor.

So that, and I still have to take down my Christmas stuff, and all the work that needs to be done on the house and a myriad of other things.  Feeling very overwhelmed right now.

I think we are going out tonight, which will be nice.  Cineplex has classic films every month.  They usually have 2 showings, one a Sunday matinee and one a Wednesday night, and they only cost $6.  Tonight is An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.  I love that movie. 

So, now to let my kids know my bad news about the theatre tickets.