March 30, 2014

Inspired and Excited!

Last night it started snowing.  Just a few flakes at first, then it was coming down pretty hard.  By the time we went to bed, the car was covered.  This morning, there was a few cm covering the ground!

Today was the 30K Around the Bay Road Race in Hamilton.  We headed out with Josh to go and cheer for our many friends who were running.  We got about halfway down the highway and the car started to slow down!  Slower and slower, so we pulled off at the next exit ramp and called CAA.  They towed us home and we had lots of time, so headed out again in Josh's car.

The sun came out and melted the snow and it warmed up nicely to about 10 degrees.  We cheered and rang our bells.  I find it fascinating to watch all the different running styles of the runners.  We stayed until the last of our friends went by at around the 5K point and again around 24K.  I always feel pumped up and inspired to keep up with or get back to regular movement.   

The group gathered together at Napoli's Italian restaurant in Niagara Falls for dinner.  It is always fun to get together after a race and hear everyone's race recaps. 

The eating was a bit of a challenge today but I think I did ok.  I had breakfast at home, early, around 6:30 AM.  Late morning, I had a banana, which is maybe not the lowest-carb choice, but it was pretty much that or something from Tim Horton's...bagel?  doughnut?  muffin?  It was around 1:00 PM by the time we were finished with our cheering and again, it was fast food.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich at Wendy's and just didn't eat the bun.  Later, I thought I could have also had a side salad, but by then, I didn't want to wait in the long line again.  Dinner was appetizers such as asiago cheese, meats, olives, shrimp and I did have one small piece of focaccia bread.  Then, salad, thinly sliced New York striploin, chicken breast with butternut squash stuffing and a very small piece of potato.

I am so proud of myself, though, for passing on the dessert!  Flourless Nutella cake.  So, probably gluten-free, but certainly NOT low-carb!  I didn't take a picture of it beautifully plated at the restaurant.  This is the takeout container that we brought it home in.  Jim can enjoy it tomorrow.  I actually wasn't very tempted.  The waiter put it in front of me and I considered it, but I was ok to not try a bite. 

I hope it is just all the fresh air and sunshine and the long day, but I was feeling SO tired at dinner.  I also didn't sleep well last night, I think probably because we got new pillows, so we will see how I feel in the morning. 


Our daughter Sarah moved to Halifax about a year and a half ago, and I hate it.  We were there for Christmas, so it has been 3 months since I've had a hug from my granddaughters.  I have been checking for seat sales to possibly go out there for Emma's birthday next month.  She will be 5 on April 21, Easter Monday this year.

She's all princess, loving rainbows, tiaras and tutus, but she also loves tools, trucks and Tow Mater, from the movie Cars! 

Airfares for Easter weekend are expensive, but I got a great deal on Porter Airlines by going the Tuesday before.  I will be staying for 2 weeks.  I am so excited.  Jim won't be able to join me, but I guess he will survive!  Sarah said that, since it is only a short time away, she is going to keep it a secret from the girls until they pick me up at the airport!

Mary Poppins will be playing at the Neptune Theatre while I am there.  We saw A Christmas Carol last time we were there.  The back row seats are only $25, and pretty good, since it isn't a very large theatre.  So, maybe we will go to see it.  Matt will also be on vacation for the week of Emma's birthday, so we should be able to do a little sightseeing.  Even just a drive along the coast is beautiful!  But, I don't care if we do anything, really.  I just want to spend time with them.   

Sarah and Lily, when we went to the theatre at Christmas.
Matt, with the Christmas bird.  He did a great job!

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  1. "I just want to spend time with them." I can understand that completely. Lovely visit to look forward to,

    All the best Jan