April 5, 2014

Wonky Day

I woke up at around 5:00 am today and was feeling a little funny, so I got up to check my sugar.  6.2...no problem.  I figured I was just hungry.  I was feeling rather "rumbly in my tumbly", to quote one of my favourite bears.  :)  So, I had some coffee and by the time I was done, Jim was up, so I cooked us a nice breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, cucumber, asparagus and a few blackberries.  I was pretty good, if I do say so myself! 

I went along with Jim to give water support to the running group at Runners' Edge.  It was fairly cold when we left the house, but thought it was supposed to warm up.  We got to the store and then to our spot to park our car and it just kept getting colder and windier.  A few people were having a hard time breathing when running into the wind.  Will spring NEVER come?  I know it will.  I just hope we do get a spring and it doesn't jump from this to being 30 degrees all of a sudden. 

We were doing some errands and I was feeling a little funny again, as if my sugar was low.  5.2...very good...strange.

Later, I met up with 4 other ladies that I used to work with for lunch at Boston Pizza.  I was proactive and checked out the menu online ahead of time so I was prepared to make a good choice.  I got the Mediterranean salad and added a garlic shrimp skewer.  I did find it odd that a Mediterranean salad would not include some black olives! 

I needed a few ingredients for supper, so stopped at the SuperStore after lunch.  Again, I started feeling as if I was low.  This time it was 7.5, which really didn't make sense, since it was 3 1/2 hrs after lunch and I really didn't have very many carbs.  In fact, the carbs I did have were from veggies.  I didn't have any starches. Maybe I need to eat more calories, since all 3 times when I felt low, I also felt quite hungry. I think I should try tracking carbs and calories for a week and see what happens.

Josh and Sharon came for supper.  I had seen this amazing-looking recipe on my Facebook feed.  Paleo "KFC" Chicken Tenders

They seemed easy enough, so I gave them a try.  They were great!  A few little issues that I saw others had in the comments on the blog, so just a little tweaking for next time.  I would grease the foil, or someone suggested to use parchment paper, as the coating 'melted' a bit and stuck.  The wet mixture was pretty thick and gloopy, but the author suggested to wipe the excess off on the side of the bowl before dredging in the dry mixture.  Also, I don't like hot sauce, so was wondering about using something else, but the comment was that it doesn't add heat, just flavour.  I figured even if it turned out a little hotter than I like, I would certainly live, so I used the hot sauce and it was correct.  I couldn't taste the hot sauce.  Any bit of a kick I could taste was pepper and that wasn't what I would call hot.  I had a small dish of vanilla ice cream with a few mixed berries for dessert. 
SO, I just tested again.  It is around 11:00 pm...well past supper, and my sugar was 15.0!!! I haven't seen that number in forever!  Even when it goes a little high, it usually isn't higher than maybe 12.0.  WHAAAATTT???  Google to the rescue to check nutrition info for Arrowroot flour, which is in the dry coating mixture.  Yeah...1/4 cup is about 28g of carbs and the almond flour about 3g, which is about what would be in one serving.  The ice cream and berries was about another 20g, so I guess that explains that!  I need to think of another way to do the chicken.  Maybe just dredge it in egg first and the almond flour.  Either cut out the arrowroot entirely or cut it way back.  I have lots more chicken thighs in the freezer so I can experiment and make lots of notes! 
Off to do my 40-second plank and then head to bed.  Need to get a walk in tomorrow.  I hope it is a little warmer.


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  1. It isn't always easy to get that balance of low carb, high fat, moderate protein ...but by using your meter, a little tweak here and there I'm sure it wont be long.

    All the best Jan