June 11, 2014

Joy in the midst of the storm

It's an emotional week.

Sarah is here from Halifax.  We aren't doing a whole lot, but enjoying the time together.  Last Friday, Hillary didn't have any classes and William had a PA day, so the four of us went to check out the new Outlet Collection at Niagara mall.  It would have been nice to have had a lot of money to spend, but it was good to go and see.  It's very nice.

Sunday, we had a BBQ with the family, so they could see Sarah and wish Josh well on his surgery.  It's been almost 2 years since Sarah moved away.  Of course, it rained!  And 17 people coming to our small house.  That's fine...we've done it before many times.  It's just 'cozy'!  :)  We remembered that we have a huge tarp, and Jim was able to rig it up to cover the patio.  It worked great! 

Sarah wanted to go out to a local restaurant for some chicken wings that she has been missing, and Monday was also Sharon's 28th birthday so we invited her parents to join us.  They are great, 'normal' people (like us)!  LOL

Later that evening, I got a text message with a picture:

After dinner, Josh and Sharon had gone to Niagara Falls and he popped the question!
And she said "YES"!!!
I am SO excited!  Sharon is such a sweet girl.  We couldn't ask for a better daughter-in-law; and it means the world to see my son so happy.
So that is our joy in the midst of our storm. Josh's surgery to remove his thyroid and all of the lymph nodes in his neck is tomorrow.  I just want to hear that the surgeon was able to remove all the cancer and that it hasn't spread to any other parts of his body.
Maybe an impending wedding gave me a kick, but yesterday I ate really well, had no wheat.  The only starch I had was a bit of quinoa salad.  The only carbs from veggies and a bit of fruit.  This morning, I got up not feeling the aches I that I normally have been feeling, and my leg/hip/IT band is almost pain free, after weeks of it giving me trouble and slowly getting a little worse.  Coincidence after just one day?  I don't know, but it sure is encouraging!
Tomorrow is going to be a VERY long day.    

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