July 22, 2014

My Baby's Birthday

Today is Sarah's 26th birthday.  It's hard to believe how quickly time flies.  It is a hard day as she is far away in Halifax.  Last year, they were here on vacation for her birthday.

She will miss out on her birthday ride on the carousel in Port Dalhousie.  Only one other time has she not been home for her birthday.  She celebrated her 16th birthday in Paris, where she was on a 3-week course doing her grade 11 French. 

We were at the grocery store the other day and right near where you walk in to the produce section, there was a display of melons.  The usual cantaloupe and honeydew.  There were also two other kinds I have never tried.  A canary melon and something I had never heard of called Golden Dewlicious. We chose the canary melon. 

I didn't really know how to choose, so I picked one that was a nice, bright yellow, rather than one of the paler ones. 

I cut it open after lunch today.  Inside, it is much the same colour as a honeydew, but the seeds are a bit orange.  It tasted really good...sweet and juice, but different than a canteloupe. 

My friend Sharon that passed away, liked to crochet.  At the funeral home, they had a basket with an afghan she had been working on that was unfinished.  It didn't sound like her sisters-in-law do anything like this, since they didn't know if it was knit or crochet, so I asked if I could take it and finish it off, as long as no one else wanted it.  Sandra got it for me last week and brought it over.  It is a scrap afghan in bright colours and thankfully, it looks like it is an easy pattern to figure out. 

She also brought 3 garbage bags full of yarn and a tote full of granny squares.  There are 340 of the squares, which is enough to make 2 or 3 afghans, depending on how large I want them.  So, my plan is to put the squares together and give an afghan each to Sandra and Dawn, the two other "chix".  I hope that will make a nice memory for them of Sharon. 

Eating has been good.  This is Day 3 of cutting out the grains and sugar again.  I am hoping that will help with the aches in my hip and leg, if that is due to inflammation.  Exercise, not so great.  I did get a couple days in last week.  I guess I need to make it more of a priority.   

July 16, 2014

A Good Walk

Yayyyy!!!  I am feeling great right now.

After reading so many inspiring posts on the Facebook group From Fat to Finish Line, I decided I need to stop the pity party and get moving again.  I have to remember to start slow, so just walking for today.  One day at a time.  My hips/glutes were a little achy but it was ok.

I committed to one episode of Big Bang Theory at a comfortable pace.  That lasted about 22 minutes.  So, I decided I would keep going to 30 minutes.  I still felt good, so decided to finish up the second episode.  That was finished at 43 minutes, so I did the extra 2 minutes to make it 45!!  I completed 2.25 miles and am really proud of myself for making a start. 

Now I need to get some meal ideas in place, especially for times when we need something that we can grab on the go. 

Josh had an appointment yesterday with a doctor to talk about his radioactive iodine treatment.  He will have to spend one night in hospital, since they only have one bathroom at Sharon's house.  He will have to sleep alone for a week and keep 3 metres away from people.  He will have a special low iodine diet for two weeks before the treatment because they want the body to be craving iodine for the best absorption.  After the treatment (about a week, I think), he will have a full body CT scan that will show if there is cancer anywhere else in his body.

I've got lots on my mind and lots going on in my life, but I need to try to not let it overwhelm me.  My health is the first step, because I need to have a positive attitude, and exercise and healthy eating will surely help with that.  

July 8, 2014

Finger Lickin' Good

I think we all know who that slogan belongs to.

Last night, I gave it a second shot at the Paleo KFC .  I think I first saw the link on Facebook and tried the recipe back in April.  This is the picture from the website.

There were a couple glitches, like the coating kind of melting and pooling around the chicken, and sticking to the foil on the pan, but they tasted good enough for me to try again.

I read through the comments on the blog and scraped the excess wet mixture off on the side of the bowl before dredging the chicken in the dry mixture.  I also used parchment paper instead of foil to line the baking sheet.  Success!!  Here is what mine looked like.

Not bad, eh?  Hillary and William were here for dinner and I got the thumbs up from both of them!

Josh had his follow up appointment with his cancer doctor last week.  Along with the thyroid and parathyroid glands, he removed 118 lymph nodes.  31 of them had cancer.  Of those, 18 were located in the central neck area.

He finally got both drains removed and his scar is looking really good.  I imagine that, with time, it will be hardly noticeable.  

In the hospital, Josh's calcium was too low, so he was on IV for a couple days for that, and then on 20 calcium pills/day, along with 12 Rocaltrol (I think that's the name...kind of like a "Super vitamin D", to help with absorption).  On Monday, the doctor called Josh and said his calcium was "through the roof", which would explain why he was feeling REALLY crappy.  So he didn't take any calcium for 2 days and is now on a much-reduced dose.  I think it is maybe 6 pills/day and 2 of the Rocaltrol.  He will continue to go for blood work once/week until everything is balanced out.

One of Josh's vocal chords is paralyzed, which affects his voice and his breathing, as far as cardio exercise is concerned.  With time, the other vocal chord will adapt and get stronger and he should be able to get pretty close to normal again.

He goes to see another doctor next week about his radioactive iodine treatment.  This will hopefully kill any cancer that is still there and show if it has spread anywhere else.

My eating has not been good, and I am feeling it.  I am sluggish and achy.  With the death of my friend, I realize that we don't know how much time we have on this earth.  I have been very fortunate that I do not have more problems than I have.  I really need to focus on my health.  If I do that, the weight will take care of itself.  Both Jim and I felt a lot better when we cut out the grains, and I know I also need to get back to lower carbs.  It is so easy to slowly slip back into old (bad) habits. 

Josh and Sharon have set a date for their wedding.  Thanksgiving weekend, October 10, 2015.  I know you shouldn't use an event as motivation, but it is there.  I want to look and feel pretty at my son's wedding, so it is an incentive, but for the health aspect of it, I have told Josh I will participate with him in the Thyroid Cancer Run/Walk in Toronto next year in June.  This year, it was just 2 days after his surgery.  There is a 5k and 10k.  I have my sights set on the 10k.