August 25, 2014

Doing the Turtle Happy Dance!


I am happy this morning!  I vowed to stop getting on the scale every day.  After all, it's not (or shouldn't be) about the number, but my health.  My blood sugar numbers are what's important.  Weight loss is a bonus side effect.  So I weighed last Monday, and after a week of really good eating, I am down 6.8 lbs!  Woohoo.  After getting down to the mid 220's last summer, the grains and other not-so-desireable foods (and even just too much of the good foods) slowly crept back into my diet and the weight slowly crept back into the 230's, and then the 240's.  One day, I finally hit 250.5 and started doing a bit better.  My sugars weren't horrible, but not really good, either.  I bounced around with a few pounds for quite a while (even getting down to 240.x one time, and decided I really need to get back to serious low carb eating.  So, last Monday, I weighed in at 242.7 and this morning...235.9!!  My sugars have also been really good.  When I saw the doctor last, she told me, if I am not eating very many carbs for a meal, to cut back my Gluconorm from 2 pills to one, rather than reducing my nightime insulin.  I have been doing this, taking only one at every meal since Wednesday, and the sugar readings have been spot on!!  I go to see her again on Sept. 4.  I am sure she will be pleased.  

Life has been pretty busy.  We have been lucky to be able to have William over quite a lot this summer.  He is here this weekend.  Hillary is working this evening, so they will both sleep here again and go home in the morning.

Speaking of Hillary, we are expecting our fourth grandchild in March!!!  She had a miscarriage 2 years ago, so was waiting until after the first trimester to tell anyone, other that Jim, I, Josh and Sarah.  Boys are nice, but I am hoping for a girl, just because I see her with Sarah's girls, and she loves so much to do their hair and all the girly things like dolls and fancy dresses.  Of course, we will welcome with much love, a boy or girl.

Saturday evening, William wanted to play a game and chose Whoville-opoly.  It was put out back when the Jim Carey version of The Grinch was made.  It is your regular Monopoly, but with fun property names and characters.  Jim won, of course.  It was a lot of fun.

We had a very tasty dinner last night.  I wanted to use up some pork tenderloin that has been in the freezer for a long time, so I did a rub with mustard, garlic, rosemary and about a teaspoon of maple syrup, then wrapped it in bacon and did it on the grill.  We only lit one burner and put the meat over the unlit burner, 15 minutes one side, then flipped it for another 20 minutes.  Then, Jim turned on the flame under the meat just for a few minutes to to crisp up the bacon a bit.  Also, some grilled asparagus and steamed some broccoli.  The meat was perfect!  Nice and moist.

My next BBQ experiment is to try a turkey.  I have a small one in the freezer and I hope to do that in the next few weeks sometime.

I found a recipe online for mini key lime cheesecakes.  I am going to make a macadamia nut crust, instead of graham cracker crumbs, and add some sweetener instead of sugar.  William and I are going to make them.  Hopefully, they will turn out!



  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Fantastic! I never would have thought of wrapping pork tenderloin with bacon. It sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks Katrin. I was really pleased with the meat. That was the first time we have cooked meat using indirect heat like that, and it was so delicious. I used a meat thermometer to make sure it was done, and I couldn't believe how moist it was, especially since, when I was preparing it, I noticed the date and it had been in the freezer for 2 years! I don't know if you are supposed to use meat that old, but it was in one of those vacuum sealed packages and looked fine when it was thawed, so I went with it.

  2. Many congratulations on your weight loss - I just love the turtle happy dance !

    Fourth grandchild on the way - will you be making those lovely booties that Lynda has been crocheting?

    Best Wishes to all and if you ever feel like joining a low carb diabetic forum we've just started a new one it's going well and you'd be most welcome. Friendly support, helpful advice, recipe ideas etc the web address is

    Take Care and .........

    All the best Jan