August 19, 2014

Good Eye Report

I had my appointment with the ophthalmologist this morning.  Due to them rescheduling once and then me rescheduling, it has been nine months since my last visit instead of six.  She said that my eyes look great.  There is no swelling in the back of the eye. Several years ago I did have some leaking in the macula and had laser surgery to repair it.  The doctor described it as "spot welding" the areas where there was leakage. There is a bit of scar tissue in my right eye from that surgery that may present some problems in the future, but all is good for now.

No coffee again today!  After my appointment, Jim asked if I wanted to pick up a coffee from Tim Horton's and I was tempted.  We even pulled into the parking lot, but then I changed my mind.  The fact that my stomach was feeling a little unsettled helped.  The thought of coffee really didn't sound very appealing.  I did still have a mild headache most of the day, but a little less than yesterday, so maybe tomorrow will be good!

Good eating again today and really good sugar readings! 

Tomorrow morning I go back to the osteopath.  I really hope he can help me.  There have been a few new issues.  I am not sure if an x-ray would show anything.  I will ask him if he thinks I should see my doctor and request one.  

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