August 28, 2014

Proud Mama

I am REALLY proud of our oldest daughter Hillary.  She was a single mom, working as a lifeguard.  A few years back, she decided to go back to college to be a law clerk and moved back home with William.  She did really well with that and worked for a while at the law firm where she had done her placement.  Then, she decided she would like more responsibilities.  She liked the idea of going to court, so enrolled in the Paralegal program at Conestoga College in Kitchener, which is a good hour drive for her.  It was a three semester program with a 3 week placement after second semester.  She started last September and finished two weeks ago.  Yesterday, she got this in the mail:

 Notice it says "with High Distinction"!  That means an overall average of 90% or more!!  Who knows, maybe one day a lawyer!! 

My blood sugars were a little wonky yesterday.  I was eating well, but the numbers were higher than I thought they should be.  Perhaps my body is getting used to the less medication.  And I know I need to get moving again.  It is beautiful this morning with a temperature of 15.  I will go for a walk this morning. 

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