September 19, 2014

Beautiful Day for a Walk

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday, just to get a refill on my prescriptions.  My blood pressure was a little high, which I knew since I took it myself at home in the morning.  She decided to add another medication to my already-too-long list of medications.  I know from experience that regular exercise brings my blood pressure down almost immediately, within a couple days, so I decided I will put off adding the new pill and really buckle down and get committed to regular activity.

Today is an absolutely GORGEOUS day, so I went out for a walk.  My Garmin was charged up so I strapped it on and headed out.  The thought kept coming to me that I would do a one-minute run somewhere in there.  Maybe even a couple.  A couple times I thought about it, but didn't.  Then I decided I would run for one minute from 14:00 - 15:00.  I was on a road with no traffic, so that was good.  When it was almost time to run, a truck was pulling out of a driveway just ahead.  I prayed that they would pass me before I had to start.  Haha!  They did.  I hit the lap button and did my run and it really wasn't that bad.  But note to self - don't try to run without a running bra!  Mine aren't great, they are old and I wear two together, but certainly better than an old, stretched out regular bra.  I am, shall we say, well endowed, and I felt each bouncy step in my shoulders.  I know...TMI...LOL.

I have been doing a Plank Challenge this month.  Nothing formal, just something I made up for myself.  I started with 30 second planks, committing to 1 or 2 per day.  Week 2 was supposed to be 35 seconds, but I felt good so increased it to 40 seconds.  This week, I thought I would try shorter times but more reps.  I did 20 seconds with 5 reps the first day, then 6, then 7.  Last night, I did 10 secs but with only 5 secs in between and that was when I felt it in my abs the most, so I think I will continue that and build up reps and also try to do more than one set, with maybe a minute or two between sets.  Here is my calendar with beautiful butterflies when I complete the challenge each day.

Eating has been ok, until we brought some English muffins and crackers into the house.  Jim picked them up and I didn't have to eat them, but I am so tired of eggs for breakfast, and I made a pot of soup the other day and crackers just sounded good.  I know that when I eat those kinds of carbs, I crave more of them.  I need to be strong.  

I've been looking for work and was able to go to Burlington on Monday to write a "General Competency Test" for an Administrative Clerk position with the Canadian Government.  There were about 40-50 people there.  I think I did well.  I scored 47/50 on the practice test that was online.  I am now anxiously waiting for an e-mail with my results and hopefully and invitation to an interview.


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  1. Nothing beats a good walk in the fresh air's uplifting.

    Eggs glorious eggs served boiled, scrambled, fried, poached perhaps with some mushrooms, bacon or ham? You can't beat them for a good start to the day.

    Hope you hear favourably about your job application .......

    All the best Jan