September 4, 2014

My September Challenge

A couple weeks ago, I read an article that someone had posted on Facebook called 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body.  It is an amazing article, a post on Andrea's blog, called I'mperfect Life.  She emphasizes all the wonderful things her body can do, even with all it's imperfections.  There is lots of great info there.  You should check it out.

Linked with the blog is a Facebook group called I'mperfect Life Monthly Fitness Challenge Group that I decided to join.  You post your goals for the month and report on how you are doing.  My challenge for myself is to do a plank, just one at a time for now, at least 3 times per day.  I started with 30 seconds and will increase the time by 5 seconds each week.  So far, so good.  I even posted a picture of myself doing a plank.  I asked Jim to take a picture so I could see my form.  I realized that the shadow I saw in the picture was actually my stomach hanging down.  At first, I said "UGH", but realized that it looked like a pretty darn good plank, especially with an extra 100 or so pounds on my body; and I was proud of myself.

The other part of my self-challenge is to do some kind of intentional activity for at least 30 minutes, at least 5 days/week.  This is really something I should be doing anyway, for my diabetes and blood pressure.  Yesterday, Jim and I finally got on our bikes, like we've been saying we would do all summer.  My bike has a gel seat, so that wasn't too bad.  I think I may need the seat and handle bars raised just a little, to make it more comfortable.  It was just a short ride, about 15 minutes, but my legs were a little wobbly when I got off.  Then, we went down to the lake to catch the sunset.  It was beautiful.  The picture really doesn't do it justice. 

 We walked out to the end of the pier and back and then a little farther to make it 15 minutes, for my 30 minute total.  I felt great!

Tuesday, I finally got my hair cut, after about 2 1/2 years.  I had been thinking about it for a while now.  It was just getting too long and frizzy.

 Note to self - Learn how to manipulate photos in Blogger!  I would have liked them side-by-side.

One of the reasons I decided to do it is that I am hoping for a chance at a good job (and it really was time).  I applied online a couple weeks ago for a position as Administrative Clerk with the Canadian government.  It is in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  I was lucky that I happened to see it in my Job Alert emails, as it was only posted for one day.  With the online application, I had to do an "Unsupervised Internet Test".  So, last week, I received an e-mail inviting me to go to Burlington and write a "General Competency Test" on September 15!  I usually do well on this type of test.  I did one several years ago, when applying for another government job.  Hopefully, the results will be good and I will be granted an interview.

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  1. Well done on setting yourself 'the challenge' - your plank looks good to me.

    I also like your hair cut, it suits you.

    Good luck with the job application .....

    All the best Jan